Preschool Support Staff

Master Teacher/Coach

The Master teacher provides and maintain high levels of quality education by helping and supporting preschool teachers.  Their primary role is to visit classrooms and coach teachers using reflective practice to improve instruction. They also administer assessments like ECERS-R (classroom assessment) to help classrooms build upon their quality and give children the safest, most fun, and educational experience possible. For more information, please contact the Master Teacher, Mrs. Barbara Devine.

Preschool Intervention and Referral Team

 The Preschool Intervention and Referral Team (PIRT) assists teachers and families in creating and implementing strategies to help students succeed academically and socially in their classroom environment. For more information, please contact the PIRT Specialist, Mrs. Megan Dimit.

Community and Parent Involvement Specialist (CPIS)

The Community and Parent Involvement Specialist (CPIS) works directly with parents to ensure access to community resources and parent supports. There are many opportunities to become involved in your child’s education both at home and in school. For more information, please contact Mrs. Yvonne Still-Maddred.

Child Study Team

The Paulsboro Child Study Team is made up of school psychologists, learning consultants, a school social worker, and speech language pathologist. The Child Study Team performs tests and determines eligibility for special education services. For more information, please contact the Preschool Case Manager, Mrs. Kristen Shute.